Classic Metal Roofing Systems


Are you looking for ways to add value to your home? Adding the right roof, a metal roof, can set your home apart…and set you up for equity.

It’s always good to think about how you can maximize and protect your resources. For many of us, our home is our most valuable financial investment and our most precious resource. For all that it contains, memories included, protection of your house and investing in your home’s value is important.

The Right Roof Can Add Value to Your Home

Putting a new roof on your house might not be something you need to do immediately. However, investing the time today to learn now about they types of roofing materials available, their warranties, benefits, and cost effectiveness can pay-off when tomorrow comes.

We’re biased, but we hope that you will consider a metal roof  for your  home.

Why metal roofing?

A standard, asphalt shingled roof is the norm for most neighborhoods. When a home goes on the market, the roof is expected to be in good working order; it’s a necessity, just like the hvac systems and plumbing. A home needs a working roof. You don’t pay pay extra for a home system that works…it’s expected to.

A recent study by one of the remodeling magazines reported that a high quality metal roof will immediately add about 65% of its cost to the home’s value. This number is similar to other major home improvements like kitchens and baths. Replacing a standard grade roof with another standard grade roof only restores value that was lost as the old roof had degraded and detracted from home value. It doesn’t really add any new value.

Why A Classic Metal Roof?

The benefits of a Classic Metal Roof are unmatched in the industry:

Make a Lasting Decision for Quality Roofing

Most home buyers today are very concerned about the ongoing costs of maintaining their homes. All other things being equal, given the choice between a home with a roof that will need to be replaced soon and a home that has a metal roof, there is no doubt which one the homeowner will choose.

Here is a short, informative video that can help you learn more about the value a metal roof can add to your home:

And of course,  let us know , if we can help with your research.

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