The Passions That Drive Us — Eleventh In Our Series

July 10, 2011 | Filed under: Miscellanous Articles , Uncategorized

We recently asked our team members to share their passions — to put in writing what it is that drives them to come to work each day. The results showed a team made up of individuals who love to serve, both individually and alongside others. These passions are what allow us to consistently meetcustomer needs. The following is from Mark Thompson, our Technical Support Director:

The Scriptures tell us that man was created in the image of God and was to represent the Lord’s nature and character (Gen.1:26-27). The core values statement developed by Classic puts flesh to this Biblical mandate. It is a blessing to help customers and installers find solutions to their roofing needs and to encourage them as persons of value for whom Christ died. Classic has products, services and, most importantly, team members that allow God’s character to be seen, though imperfectly, in a world that needs a purpose and hope larger than itself.