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The AMR team Our long-term partnership with Frank Farmer and his outstanding team of professionals at American Metal Roofs is of great value to Classic Metal Roofing Systems. This company helps set the metal roofing industry standards for quality customer service and quality workmanship with outstanding integrity.

Why Metal Roofing for Michigan?

With varied geography, Michigan residents enjoy sun, water, cold and snow. Absolutely nothing stands up to those elements better than a fully warranted, professionally installed metal roof . Here are 6 reasons why metal is the best choice for Michigan home and commercial property owners:

And the very best reason for metal roofing in Michigan? American Metal Roofs .

“Every day, people are choosing to use inferior roofing, installed with unskilled labor that does more harm than good. People think they are getting a deal, but the fact is, companies are stealing money from Michigan homeowners. Your home is one of your most valuable assets, because your home is a place that stands for several decades and makes memories.”

Frank Farmer, President – American Metal Roofs

Why American Metal Roofs for Your Michigan Roof?

Every year, Frank Farmer and his team serve others in our industry with encouragement and training. Every year, the same team serves within their communities as a means of encouragement and support .

“It’s not just business partnerships that drive the success of American Metal Roofs. The relationships we create with Michigan residents matter greatly to us. Residences make up approximately three-quarters of our installations; the rest include small businesses, restaurants, and churches.

When you choose us, you can expect long-lasting beauty and worry-free protection. You gain peace of mind from knowing we’ve been in the home improvement business for over two decades. Every one of our professionally trained installers is ready to help you, with some having over 30 years of installation experience.”

Frank Farmer, President – American Metal Roof

Every Day, Every Month, Every Year: Lifelong Partnerships

Classic Metal Roofing Systems’ products are available through our nationwide network of Dealers. American Metal Roofs has been an incredible partner in providing our quality metal roofing systems to Michigan homeowners, churches and commercial properties for many years. Having invested in 2 showrooms in central Michigan, the team at American Metal Roofs is ready to serve you, too. We’ll be happy to make an introduction, and give you more information .

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