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Can you Install a Roof in the Winter?

Yes, you can install a metal roof in the winter, but you probably shouldn’t install an asphalt one. Asphalt needs higher ambient temperatures for the adhesive to bond and the shingles to stay attached to the deck. When the air gets cold, shingles become rigid, require more nails to attach and have a greater risk of blowing off. 

On the other hand, you can have our metal roofs installed at nearly any temperature. Since it doesn’t rely on adhesive to bond it to the deck, metal panels can be interlocked and screwed down even in frigid weather. You won’t need to worry about using extra fasteners or replacing blown-off shingles with a quality metal roof.

Take advantage of this by installing a metal roof in the fall and winter, later than asphalt contractors offer their services. That way, if you have a roof emergency or trouble re-roofing before the situation gets any worse, you can still find a solution. 

Chances are, one of our professional metal roofing contractors in your area has the equipment and the training to get your roof done, even in the winter.

Your Winter Roof

Whether your roof was installed in cold weather or not, rain, snow, and sleet can cause permanent damage. Not to mention, repairing a roof in the middle of winter is unpleasant and hazardous. 

Keep track of storms in your area and check your roof from the ground for any potential damage.

Our team of friendly metal roofing professionals is available to answer your questions about installing a metal roof in cold weather…or any weather.. and provide you with information on our nationwide network of professional roofing contractors.

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