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New Metal Roofs for Santa - Classic Metal Roofing Systems

Our metal roofing products were recently chosen to replace twenty roofs at Santa’s Workshop in North Pole, Colorado . This generations-old vacation spot is near Colorado Springs at the base of the highway that leads to the top of Pikes Peak. The environment there is punishing with frequent hail, wind, snow, and ice storms.

As a part of this project, we are replacing roofs that were damaged in one of Colorado’s most severe hail storms on record this past summer. The existing roofs were aluminum shingles manufactured by one of our predecessors. These roofs have done exceptionally well in the harsh climate. The property owners estimate the roofs to be 60 years old though we believe that 55 years is probably more accurate.

As we replaced these roofs, it occurred to us that, despite the great performance of these old products, the aluminum shingle roofing systems we manufacture today have had many improvements and enhancements brought on by technology.

Let’s take a look at product improvement since 1964 available in our new metal roofs:

Santa Knows Best

We figure that Santa knows roofs pretty well, so it’s been an honor to be chosen for his new roofs. You can learn more about the products installed on Santa’s Workshop at North Pole, Colorado by visiting us at Classic Metal Roofing Systems .

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