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universal standing seam

Last year’s devastating hurricanes were heartbreaking. We continue to hear from homeowners in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean who are still working to rebuild their homes and their lives. While every story is unique, there is a common thread to what they all tell us. After the rains had passed and the winds had calmed, they saw that, if a home’s roof stayed intact, there was less damage to the structure and the contents. As a roofing manufacturer, we are always seeking to learn what we can from these storms, and always striving to create roof systems that perform as well as they possibly can.

In next month’s issue of our e-newsletter, we’re going to take an in-depth journey into just what makes a roof system resilient and storm-resistant. This month, we’re excited to tell you about the newest product in our line-up. A product that has very much been designed for performance and wind resistance, our new Universal Standing Seam brings price and value together in one great product.

Universal Standing Seam takes many of the attributes of our industry-leading ClickLock Standing Seam and even puts them on steroids a bit, but it does so at a more economical price.

Here are the unique features of this new product:

Universal Standing Seam is a great, affordable option for homes where a tough and beautiful roof is desired. The installation process is basic and easily tackled by anyone familiar with other metal roofs.

Of course, if a traditional vertical seam look roof doesn’t seem to “fit” on your home, our proprietary flagship products like Rustic Shingle, Oxford Shingle, and GrandeTile are available to meet your needs. Through our state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we can craft products that are just as beautiful as they are tough and lasting.

If you’re planning for a new roof in 2018, please contact us . Our experienced team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process to a worry-free and beautiful new roof.

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